on tour [atôr pal mont]
Since its foundation, CRAF has held over 500 exhibitions. Some, particularly successful, have been held in other Italian regions and in the world, thanks to the collaboration with galleries, museums and photographers.

Among these, what we call exhibitions "on tour ", Thirteen photographers on a Pasolini itinerary presented at the Hillwood Art Museum of Long Island, Itami in Japan, Buenos Aires and Halle in Germany; Italians Films by John Phillips, presented at the Burgrave House in Prague Castle; The Pasion sacrificada by Paolo Gasparini, held in Paris, Thessaloniki and Valencia. And again, Italy 1946-2006. From the Reconstruction to the New Millennium, hosted in all the main Russian museums, and La Fotografia del Novecento in Friuli and Venezia Giulia in Ljubljana, Capodistria and Klagenfurt.

Also worthy of mention is the exhibition Neorealism in Photography, hosted at the Columbus Center in Toronto and at the New York Film Academy in New York, and the Italian Landscape in Photography held in Russia, for the celebrations of Italian culture.
Fulvio Merlak, Colori, 1984



Fox Talbot, The Reading Establishment, 1846


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